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General election latest: Rishi Sunak launching Conservatives’ general election manifesto – BBC News



There are several housing policies in the manifesto.

Plans include an ambitious building target of 1.6 million homes in
England over five years
(remember, housing is devolved).

Previous targets on house building have regularly been missed.

‘Help to Buy’ is the resurrection of a previous scheme to help
first-time buyers with the deposit to buy one of these new homes. The key here
is delivery of this temporary policy. The criticism of what’s come before is
that these schemes have pushed up house prices – primarily benefitting
developers rather than buyers.

Then there’s permanently raising the threshold at which first-time buyers pay stamp duty to £425,000
in England and Northern Ireland. The certainty would be
welcomed, and the impact would be greatest in London and southern England.
About eight in 10 first-time buyers would not pay stamp duty, Zoopla figures

Note, there’s no such incentive for existing, older owners to
to free up family homes.

For renters, they say they’ll eventually ban no-fault evictions, a previously announced policy which has been delayed. There’s a two-year
tax-break to allow landlords to sell to existing tenants, but landlord groups
say it doesn’t address shortages in homes available to let.

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