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Future Fitness App: Experience-Based Review (2024)

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After your introductory FaceTime call, all communication with your coach happens through the Future app via messaging.

Workouts are dropped into the app every Sunday night and are based on the information provided to your coach in the app and during your FaceTime call. The time you choose to complete your workout each day is up to you, though coaches can see when you’ve started and finished your workout. During the workout, you receive voice recordings from your coach  scattered throughout the session—typically at the beginning, in between each section and at the end. These recordings range from short motivational pep talks to instructions on how to prepare for the next exercise.

Video recordings are also used to enhance your performance. Each exercise features a video demonstration to clarify form and technique. If you experience difficulty with an exercise or have questions or concerns about your form, you can record a video of yourself during a training session and send it directly to your coach in the app. They will then send feedback, ensuring you’re doing the exercise properly to avoid injury. You can also take photos in the app and use them to help further personalize your workout. For instance, when one of my cable machine exercises required an attachment my gym didn’t have, I sent a photo of all the available attachment options to my coach and she was able to help me choose a substitute attachment.

When you complete a workout, you have the option to leave feedback for your coach. Feedback is highly encouraged, as it’s how coaches are able to gauge what you enjoy and what works for your body. In my experience, this feedback has been the main form of communication throughout my membership. I left my coach feedback after every session, letting her know what I enjoyed and what was challenging. I also shared if I needed any adjustments or if there was something I wanted to see more of or have replaced. When ski jumps caused a pain in my calf, for example, I mentioned it in my feedback and my coach subsequently removed them from my routine.

After three weeks, your coach will schedule another FaceTime check-in to discuss your progress. Similar to the introductory call, this FaceTime meeting can be used to supply your coach with any additional information they might need to help you reach your goals. If you’ve already started seeing progress—which is not uncommon—this call might serve as a means for celebration and maintaining focus.

FaceTime calls, however, aren’t the only place you can share your wins. Future’s in-app messaging makes it easy to send coaches notes throughout the day, even after your workout is done. For instance, when a pair of pants I haven’t been able to button in months finally fit, I shared the news with my coach right away and received a congratulatory response. Coaches are happy to discuss other aspects of your fitness journey through messaging as well, including nutrition. My coach sent me several documents full of healthy recipes (including my new favorite breakfast smoothie), photos of her favorite protein powder recommendations and diagrams about what to eat after workouts, all through the app.

Messaging is also a convenient tool for life’s more inconvenient moments, such as when you’re not feeling well and need to reschedule a workout. Simply send a message and consider your session moved. If traveling presents a problem, enter your trip dates into the app and leave your coach the details of your lodging. If you want to keep your workouts going while you’re gone, they’ll design a plan to make it happen. If it’s intended to be a vacation from the gym altogether, that’s not a problem, either. Your life, your plan.

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