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Comedy star Matt Rife’s ‘hottest’ mom Christina Reeder says she’s ‘average on the looks’

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Comedy superstar Matt Rife called one Iowan the “hottest mom ever” — and now, she is speaking out. 

Christina Reeder first went viral with Rife after a cheeky video of the pair brought a dash of joy to the internet.

The original video, which contains sexual references and profanity, was shot at the Funny Bone comedy club in West Des Moines. 

“You are so hot,” he told Reeder who brought him cookies and a suggestive T-shirt. 

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The March video has more than 6 million views and made the central Iowa grandma a TikTok star in her own right with more than 760,000 followers. 

Then, in November, Reeder and Rife went viral again after reuniting at a show in Ames

(Editor’s note: Video of their reunion contains profanity and sexual language that may offend some readers.)

‘I’m like average on the looks,’ says Iowa hot mom Christina Reeder

What sets Rife apart for her is his crowd work spurred by instant comebacks.

“He seriously is one of the most intelligent comedians out there because he’s so witty, he’s so quick,” Reeder told the Register. 

Reeder also believes that Rife gets a bad rap for his good looks. And speaking of good looks, she doesn’t consider herself as attractive as Rife does.

“I don’t understand any of this at all,” Reeder said. “Like I get it, it was a funny interaction or whatever, but for people — like when he said ‘hottest mom ever,’ Are you kidding? I’m like average on the looks.”

She receives dozens of direct messages on Instagram each week from hopeful suitors. She said she’s stayed in touch with Rife as well.

Matt Rife calls Christina Reeder a ‘sweetheart’ in swoon-worthy summer interview

In an E! News interview from June, Rife called Reeder a “sweetheart” and discussed their “incredible” interaction that helped fuel his fame. He also said, “she was the hottest mom ever in the middle of Iowa where I didn’t even know they made hot moms.”

When Rife returned to the state for a stop on his latest tour, Reeder and a group of friends made the trip to Ames.

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“Last time I was in Iowa, a woman gave me cookies on stage,” Rife said before cheers during the Nov. 2 show. “Her name’s Christina and I haven’t spoken to her in forever. Is there any chance she’s at this show?”

She was. Following a slew of jokes, he FaceTimed Reeder’s daughter Maggie which also took place when they first met.

Christina Reeder brings Matt Rife another present after Ames show

After Rife’s show in Ames, Reeder brought the up-and-coming comedy superstar another present. 

And no, it wasn’t cookies. The pair exchanged Instagram direct messages after the show, and she had a chance to gift him a John Lennon vinyl in person. 

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Lennon was Rife’s grandfather’s favorite musical artist. In March, around the time they went viral, he posted a tattoo he got in honor of “The Beatles” solo star. 

“John Lennon was my grandpas favorite artist and we decorated his house with his art all the time,” Rife wrote on a March 18 caption on Instagram

They took photos together. Then, Reeder drove back to her home — in the middle of Iowa. 

Raygun creates ‘hot moms are made in Iowa’ shirt inspired by Matt Rife’s videos with Christina Reeder

On Nov. 21, Des Moines-based T-shirt company Raygun announced a sassy new shirt inspired by the interactions between Rife and Reeder.

The shirt is black with red lettering.

“Hot moms are made in Iowa,” it reads.

Reeder asked that a portion of the sales go toward Help-a-Heart, a nonprofit that provides assistance to families affected by congenital heart defects. The shirt sells for $24.95.

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